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Whether it’s converting a tractor from row cropping to flotation or vice versa, helping with application specific needs, weighing tractors to determine optimum air pressures for maximized flotation, working out a changeover program to get the correct tires for your customer or fabricating custom wheels, we have the expertise to be of assistance.



We are pleased to offer a central help desk with fully trained and experienced staff equipped to be your expert resource in farm tire sales and service. Our agriculture tire team provide excellent customer service and can help answer any questions. We are always here to talk via phone or email.



Review features and benefits of all tire brands by the following segments and then, once you’ve selected a specific product, check inventory availability and preview your pricing – as made available under the FSN program. If in doubt, please contact one of our service advisors at our FSN help desk.


We are farm tire sales and service experts with the strongest network of experienced servicing dealers across Ontario. The composition of our network membership is primarily Tirecraft Associate stores, supplemented with strong independent tire dealers – all committed to being the best possible service provider for you and your customers.

We’ve been in rural communities for decades and collaborate with local groups and organizations to make our towns better places. We understand the unique needs of our farming communities, and through tires, tracks and service, we keep our neighbours on the job- doing what they do best – providing for everyone else. Our vast network gives us the influence and skill we need to ensure that every Tirecraft you visit will provide you with the best value and available options at the highest service level possible.

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